Learning about WhoIs: Secrets behind Domain Names

Determining the contents on a domain registration can be found on WhoIs. I used americansforfreedom.org for class to research the owner of the website. The main search page allows one to search a domain name, registrar or name server. In this case, I typed in the domain name which is americansforfreedom.org.

WhoIs revealed americansforfreedom.org is sponsored by GoDaddy.com and the person who created the website is Michael Pinson. The organization behind the domain is Pinson Communications, Inc. The website was founded July 8th, 2008 and was last updated March 31 2010.

WhoIs is useful to find out more about the owner of a website and whether or not the website has a legitimate source. WhoIs could also be useful to research what sponsors companies are using for creating their domain names. I did not know how simple it was to find out ‘behind the scenes’ information about a website. WhoIs can be a useful tool when it comes to confirming information because as we all know, we can not trust everything we read on the web. Finding out where an IP address is coming from is helpful to understand more about where the content is coming from. Also, doing research can save time and embarassment in an interview.

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