Analyzing Online News

The CNN article Building in Gadhafi compound possibly struck by cruise missiles is a strong multimedia example. The story’s strongest points are the series of videos shown throughout the story. Videos include footage of fighter jets hitting the Libyan convoy, Tripoli under attack, warplanes and actions to stop Gadhafi. Here is the main video on the top of the page (WordPress would not allow the video to show up)

A photo gallery of the civil war is included as well which had 27 pictures you can click through. Audio and visual elements placed in the story add to it because seeing and hearing about the attacks and civil war is different than just reading about it. The CNN story is the best version because it provides the most videos and other visual aspects that allow you to get the most out of it. I found the same story on NDTV titled Libya air strikes: Gaddafi’s personal compound in Tripoli hit. This story only used one picture and did not have any videos or galleries. However, the story was still informative and got the point across. I also checked out an article on MSNBC titled Gadhafi vows ‘long war’ after US, allies strike which only had a few pictures throughout their story. The pictures they used were effective however.

I think the CNN news story was told effectively. The only thing that could have been added were hyperlinks. However, I was impressed with the usage of multimedia. CNN is one of the most trusted news outlets for a good reason.

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