N.Y. Fashion/PR Week Video

After watching the N.Y. PR week video, I noticed areas of the video that could have been improved in regards to camera angles and camera movement. Since fashion week is kind of a big deal, the video should have shown more full body shots, so we could see what the models were wearing from a better angle. I also noticed the lighting was kind of dark and overall the camera movements seemed to be too quick displaying mainly head shots. Despite the video’s downfalls, I agreed with the producers choice of music. I also liked the PR Week words going across the video in the beginning.

If I were to do the video myself and had only one attempt to make it right, I would add more lighting especially when interviewing individual people, so my viewers can easily see their faces. Also, I would make sure there were more full length body shots to show off all the hot new fashions. The content was good, but how it was displayed and organized needs improvement.

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