Learning about WhoIs: Secrets behind Domain Names

Determining the contents on a domain registration can be found on WhoIs. I used americansforfreedom.org for class to research the owner of the website. The main search page allows one to search a domain name, registrar or name server. In this case, I typed in the domain name which is americansforfreedom.org.

WhoIs revealed americansforfreedom.org is sponsored by GoDaddy.com and the person who created the website is Michael Pinson. The organization behind the domain is Pinson Communications, Inc. The website was founded July 8th, 2008 and was last updated March 31 2010.

WhoIs is useful to find out more about the owner of a website and whether or not the website has a legitimate source. WhoIs could also be useful to research what sponsors companies are using for creating their domain names. I did not know how simple it was to find out ‘behind the scenes’ information about a website. WhoIs can be a useful tool when it comes to confirming information because as we all know, we can not trust everything we read on the web. Finding out where an IP address is coming from is helpful to understand more about where the content is coming from. Also, doing research can save time and embarassment in an interview.

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Blogging/Content Management Systems: Worthy of Learning?

For years, I had heard of online blogging but did not know what it was exactly. I recently became familiar with it when I studied abroad in Australia for 6 months. I used Blogger to keep my friends and family posted on my adventures overseas. I was able to work on my writing skills and network with others who had similar travel experiences. To read about my study abroad adventures go to www.mollyndownunder.blogspot.com

I believe learning about blogs is essential in the PR and journalism industry. I found this quote from a blogger who speaks of The Importance of Blogging in Online Marketing:

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.”

Blogs are important because they give a person a chance to build their own brand and reputation. Blogs become your own space. They are like your very own online blank canvas. Chose your words wisely, for a blog is way of marketing yourself and representing your expertise. Blogs give one a chance to show their writing skills and be able to connect and network with others.

Having a blog can lead to job offers. Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, talks about The Importance of Blogging saying he landed his last two jobs through blogs because links continued to point back to him. Therefore, employers became interested.

Recently, I have been learning about content management systems in my Multimedia Writing class. The process has been confusing and challenging, but I think it is a valuable skill to learn. Personally, I am interested in working with social media and web development. Therefore, I would like to learn more about CMS and be able to become an expert at it.

I have been researching internships almost everyday and am noticing the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is creating keywords to allow your site to show up in search engines. SEO is a valuable tool which I did not know much about before. Learning and understanding SEO will help control and increase traffic to a site.

I just started working on my own website using Weebly and GoDaddy which is how I will be able to learn and develop my CMS skills.

As a PR student, CMS and blogs are important. The internet is almost one of the most used forms of media and is continuing to grow. I hope to learn more about CMS to be able to market myself as a professional. I can use my new knowledge to build my own website and to also be of value at the company I chose to work for.


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PR Skills Reflection

After reading Dave Fleet’s blog post 14 Key Attributes for New Public Relations Professionals I have a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful PR professional. I believe the most important skills from Dave Fleet’s blog post are writing and communication skills, understanding of social networking sites and understanding of blogs. PR is all about written and oral communication, so these qualities are a must. Social networking is increasingly being used in the job market, so being tech savvy is also a necessity these days. I am graduating this year, so when I look up job listings, these attributes frequently pop up. If I could add something to the list, I would add ethics. Not just social media ethics, but ethics in general as well. Being ethical as a PR professional is important for creditability. In PR, honesty is always the best policy. Fleet mentions understanding SEO, coding and RSS. I am not as familiar with these attributes, but I will have to do research to gain skills for my future PR career.

I also read Vadim Lavrusek‚Äôs post on 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist I think an excellent trait that was highlighted is being multi-skilled. Once again, this blog post talked about the importance of SEO skills and being able to write a good blog post. Practice and understanding of these tools is something I need to do. I like the ‘open-minded experimenter’ trait because it talks about learning the strengths and weaknesses of different types of media. Knowing a lot more about the different areas of of the media can make one more credible as a professional in getting their message across in the most effective way. Lavrusek’s blog post reiterates the need to be immersed in social media which I am pushing myself to do everyday. Being immersed in the news and trends is significant which would go under the ‘open-minded experimenter’category. Being knowledgeable of what is popular and currently going on in the real world can once again boost credibility. Lavrusek says “The journalist of tomorrow should be willing to experiment with new tools, not be afraid of them.”

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Multimedia Writing

This is my first blog post for my Multimedia Writing class. I am a senior at Minnesota State University Mankato. Recently, I returned from a study abroad trip in Australia. To read about my adventures go to Living in Australia.

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